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Bobby From Boston’s Warehouse

Fit For a Femme finally clued me into the most magical place on the East Coast: Bobby from Boston in the South End. (I know I’ve been here forever and she just moved here, shuddup) After buying out that store, they told me I should check out the warehouse in Lynn. So I kidnapped my friend Aimee and made my way to the house of vintage clothing gods. The collection is mostly men’s clothes, but the warehouse had an entire room of women’s clothing, including a few kilts and wild sequined dresses. Prices are incredible for the quality you’re getting; shoes were the biggest trap for me. When you have vintage leather men’s shoes that actually fit you and price in the $50 range, it can be hard to keep it together. And of course they had rows and rows of button-ups, pants, jackets, suit vests. Some T-shirts too. I’m amazed I got out alive. 


Baseball uniforms!

imageVintage sneaks

In case you have a steampunk fetish

The room where I lost my shoe virginity. Again.

These bucks were beauties. And too small for me. Someone should go snatch them!

Successfully tried on the most ridiculous thing I could find: the curling sweater. p.s. totally bought those shoes, and the bow tie is from the South End location. Win.

He started it, I swear!

Tie bins


Another shot of my new shoes!

*Oh, and for the record, this is not a sponsored post. I just love them.


South End:
19 Thayer St. 
Boston, MA 02118

Warehouse in Lynn:
545 Washington St. Lynn, MA
Call Ed 603-502-9882 for appointments (Or you can text him too. He’s chill.)

UPDATE 2/20/13: Sadly, my shoes started peeling the second I wore them. Is this a thing? Apparently it can happen if shoes get old. BUT they let me return them at their Thayer Street location and were very apologetic. So I still love them. Just thought I should share the full story.



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