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Tomboy Tailors Opening Party Feb 2nd in San Francisco!

Tomboy Tailors, the first ever genderqueer clothing boutique in the nation opens shop Feb 2 in San Fransisco! Offering a menswear collection for female bodies, they will have in-house clothing, custom fittings, a plus line, AND SHOES. Men’s shoes that go as small as 4, in wingtips and saddle and everything nice. All clothes manufactured in the United States and in Italy. Don’t live near San Fransisco? Their complete online store will open in April, and includes fittings over Skype.

Image by Trish Tunney

Feb. 2, 2-6pm, free
Tomboy Tailors
Crocker Galleria
50 Post, first floor, SF
(Dress to impress)

The party with have champagne, well-dressed queers, hors d’oeuvres, jazz music, and clothing fittings.

So sad I’ll miss it! Take pics for us, will ya? And tweet to @lesbianfashion and @TomboyTailors so we can see!  

If you want to meet up there with other Qwear readers, email me (sonia@qwearfashion.com) and I’ll help make it happen!  

- Sonia

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