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A New Look At Cargo Pants

I was never into the whole cargo pants bit; at least once I stopped wearing them in the 90’s. I’m wary of anything with this much functionality. But when the new slim fit style came out and I saw people rocking it, I rethought my dislike. Now I find them rather chic, when worn slim-fit. How do you add these military inspired duds to your wardrobe? Just like their khaki cousins, with an optional nod to their ruggedness. I’d avoid the thrift stores for these babies though; it would be hard to find a pair in these styles. Unless you like doctoring your pants. - Sonia

slim-fit cargo pants
Scotch & Soda army cotton straight leg cargo pants

slim-fit cargo pants

(from trashness.com)

slim-fit cargo pants
(from sincerelyjules.com) Cargos from Free People

slim-fit cargo pants
(from dapperq.com)

slim-fit cargo pants
(from dapperlou.com)

slim-fit cargo pants
(from trendenvy.com)

slim-fit cargo pants
(from mugenstyle.tumblr.com)



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