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Anonymous asked...

Hi Blake,I love, love, love a good menswear vest to go under jackets, etc., but I find them so hard to find. I am a plus size woman and I'm only 5'3'', so, if I find them large enough, they are usually too long. Have you got a solution for a dapper dyke like me?

Blake says: Hey there! I certainly understand the problem with finding proper fitting clothes. If they’re too small here, they’re too big there. Men’s clothes can be hit or miss as far as fit is concerned because they are not made with curves in mind. 

Not all women’s vests are overtly feminine, especially nowadays (I sound so old. I’m not sure if I can use “nowadays” at the age of 19. Whatever.) The key, as with anything, is knowing where to look. I’m not sure where you’re located, but the Qwear Forum would be a great place to find stores in your area! Outside of women’s vests, I suggest trying out new brands, specifically ones that offer slim fit. The body fits a little closer and the rest of the vest is usually shorter. The idea behind “slim” clothes is less fabric, better fit. We weren’t sure about the tailoring possibilities for suit vests, so we consulted with Rae of the The Handsome Butch  who is a a clothier. She said it’s very hard because the buttons go all the way to the bottom.

If you can afford a $115 vest, Marimacho makes a snazzy one that comes in XL and XXL:

dapper lesbian suit vest

The Brooklyn Vest, available at Marimacho

If you really want to drop some dough, Shaz Riley at the The Butch Clothing Company can always whip up a custom vest for you starting at £200 (approx. $322). But most likely, you’ll be able to find something affordable if you shop around long enough. Keep looking; the right clothes are out there.

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