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UK Masculine Petite Brands?

Anonymous asked: I love the recent tips for shorties! I wondered if there were any shorties in the UK who could suggest UK-specific shops/websites worth checking out? I know many of the brands in the US are available here, but the selection isn’t always the same, and I’m sure there are sources here I’m not aware of! Particularly for those of us who are short but curvy and looking for a more masculine look. Many thanks for any help you could offer!

Opening this up to all our UK followers! As always, I recommend Topman. - Sonia

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  1. nothollietree answered: I like River Island as an alternative to Topman as it also does the XS and XXS which I need!
  2. whateveryouthinkiamiamnot said: Primark men’s xs fits me sometimes and I’m 5’2 H&M kids section also can be good. but if anyone knows where i can get trousers from the men’s department that would be ace!!
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