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Anonymous asked...

Question for Courtney!! 1. Are the pants you're wearing in that photo from AE mens (and hemmed/rolled) or womens? I love them and just wanted to know :) I have the hardest time finding pants that actually fit since i'm only 5'2". Thanks!

Courtney says: I’m also 5’ 2”, and those jeans are my favorites! They’re 28x30 slims from AE men’s. I have a black pair and a distressed pair of the same jeans because they fit me so well. They aren’t carrying that exact fit anymore, but their Slim Straight fit look very similar. The Skinny ones would be another to try. They’re always changing, so if you find pants that you love, there’s nothing wrong with buying a couple of them in different colors. As for the hem, they’re just rolled tightly twice for that cuffed look that’s so popular in menswear right now. I press them sometimes to get them cuffed even tighter. I also like that by rolling them I can show off my colored laces!

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