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Anonymous asked...

Do you have any techniques to make tying a tie any easier? I just bought mine and I know how to do it, but it always turns out looking lopsided or it hangs too low. Am I doing something wrong, or does practice make perfect?

Yeah, it will be tough at first. But soon you’ll be a pro! If it hangs too low, just pull the knot up while holding down it ends to tighten it up. (I think that’s what you meant…) If it’s lopsided, tug the knot to the side that’s too long and that should do the trick. I like to make sure to keep the long end flat when I’m wrapping it around the short end. This makes it much neater. The hardest part for me is figuring out how long to make the short end when you start out. I usually have to redo it and fix the length based on the outcome of my first tie.

If you want some more visual assistance, here’s a nice lil video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BMhFmNzw-o

Anyone know of any good queer tie tying vids?

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  1. hey-yall-a-pseudonym said: This video isn’t queered, but it’s *so good* if you’re trying to tie a bow tie. youtube.com/watch?v…
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