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Vests with A.D: The Casual Vest (Part 4 of 4)

By A.D.

Casual vests are, like, leather vests, cowboy vests, denim. They can risk look costumey, but when pulled off look totally awesome and hot. Who doesn’t like a badass in a leather vest? Who isn’t into the sexy-lumberjack Carhartt vest vibe? Amirite?! These vests should be paired with anything/everything. Be sure, again, to mind the fit and the overall look of these vests. You want to strike the right balance between classic and modern.

leather vest
(source: twitchysgirl.blogspot.com)

denim vest
(source unknown)

(source: skyinthefloor.blogspot.com)

denim vest
(source: skinnyliar.blogspot.com)

denim vest
(source: styleclicker.net)

ellen page bike denim vest
(source: andesobrealmofadas.wordpress.com)

I’m feeling a little bit verklempt that our vest posts are complete. If you have a vest you’d like to model, please submit! - Sonia

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