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Vests with A.D: The Outerwear Vest (Part 1 of 4)

A reader recently requested a vest break-down, and I figured no queer is better for the job than A.D. In 4 parts, they will go over the how, where, and when for vests. Starting with outerwear. Stay tuned for part 2. - Sonia

Vests with A.D: The Outerwear Vest (Part 1 of 4)

By guest blogger A.D.

Outerwear vests are definitely the most practical vests. They keep your core warm without adding the bulkiness of a full layer. If you think you’ve seen these bad boys before, you have; your grandpa and dad wear outerwear vests. They’re puffy vests filled with goose down or synthetic materials. Best worn in autumn, winter, and spring. Should be paired with corduroys, jeans, chunky sweaters, boots, etc. Wear to the weekend camping trip, walking the dog, to the grocery store on Saturday morning. Do not wear these to a club or bar in the city. Wearing such vests inside in rural areas — especially when it’s snowy  is completely acceptable.

(source: frashionbymarina.blogspot.com)

(Sonia adds: these western puffy vests seem to be all the rage now… source: soios.net)

(source: viacomit.net/en)

(source: is2coffee.blogspot.com.br)

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