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Dr. Martens: The Legacy Comes With A Price

Anonymous asked: I have been drooling over Doc Marten’s for a while now but have realized they are very expensive! Do you know which Doc’s are the best ones to get? And do you know of any sites or stores where they may be sold at sale prices? I want to save up for a pair but not really sure which place would be best to buy them from.

I know, right?? I was feeling some up the other day and then compared them to some H&M knock-offs, and just reminded me of how well these things are constructed. Their classic air-cushioned rubber soles will probably last a decade. And the sole is welted, meaning it has a strip of leather that is stitched between the sole and the upper part of the shoe:

Welting (source: dmusastore.com)

As opposed to other shoe constructions, which just glue them together. (Urban Outfitters, I will never forgive you for the time your sole FELL OFF MY SHOE WHILE I WAS WALKING.)

My current favorites are the classic smooth leather mid-height ones:

Navy Smooth Boots, available at dmusastore.com for $120. 

And I’m also crushing on these felt ones:

Navy Felt 8 Tie Beckett Boots, available at ssense.com for $175.00

Past Qwearlings have recommended their Tobias boots and boys’ shoes, which I also thought looked fabulous on them. So in terms of which ones to get, that’s really up to your personal style.

I would probably try them on to get your size and then buy them on Ebay. To get them new, you’ll still be paying around $90. Used, I saw some on there for $40. I’d also see if you’re into any of the ones currently on sale on the Dr. Martens site. DSW has a few in good prices too. If you’re near a DSW, it never hurts to go in and see what shoes they have for sale in your size.

Queers and everyone: What are your favorite Doc Martens?

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  3. dapussyqueen said: I have a pair of Red Velvet Docs. I pretty much never take them off!
  4. coyoteandcatfish said: I have a pair of Docs that are at least two decades old, if not older. They could use a shine and maybe insoles but the soles themselves are still solid after years of wear. And they are still the most comfortable footwear I own. Best investment ever
  5. 50shades-of-ba-sing-se said: The union jack ones, hands down.
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