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The Allure of Newsboy Caps

I recently got a question from an anon asking how to wear newsboy caps/flat caps… and my mind went into a spiral of fashion and wonderfulness. I think the better questions is: what COULDN’T you wear newsboy caps with? Ok, maybe they wouldn’t go with a frilly dress or a leather biker outfit. But beyond that, they’re pretty much embedded into every aspect of the fashion industry. Poeple are femmeing them up with lipstick and purls. Hipsters are thrifting them and wearing them with plaid and boots. Golfers and country clubbers are pairing them with argyle and preppy styles. And really cute queers are being really cute. But what’s new.

(source: thesartorialist.com)

(source: donebrilliantly.com)

(source: chictopia.com)

Rugby by Ralph Lauren, October 2010 

(source: tsbmen.com)

(source: fairwaygolfusa.com)

(source: mistermort.com)

Don’t forget to look up in case Andrew McCarthy is standing there. (source: thegallant.com)

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