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Ratio Clothing: Gay or Just Awesome?

We all need a least one good quality dress shirt, and most menswear you’ll have to get tailored anyway, so why not just get one MADE FOR YOU for an unbeatable price?


Ratio Clothing is a handcrafted men’s shirt company located in Denver, Colorado with a big secret: they love the queers and are great at making shirts for female bodied people! They sent me a custom-made shirt to model and share with all of you lovelies. They’re really dedicated to the LGTBQ community and have donated items to Equality Illinois for their annual charity auction. As Missy put it, “They’re a bunch of fucking queers!” But you know, sometimes it’s hard to tell if someone is queer or just awesome.

I talked to Eric Powell, ratio clothing’s founder, about how female-bodied people can get a nice fit. In addition to entering your basic measurements (sleeve length, chest etc.) you’ll probably want to add special instructions at the end of your purchase, most likely taking the waist in a few inches, the hips out a few inches, and bringing up the length as well depending on your height. Since female bodied people have more variables to work with, I’d recommend taking both your own measurements and those of  another shirt that fits well, and then emailing Ratio the numbers and they’ll tell you what to enter on the site. They get back to you ridiculously fast, in great detail, and using all the right queer terminology to make you feel warm and bubbly inside.


The beauty I picked out is light blue gingham fabric with an english spread collar, 2 button miltered cuffs, side pleats (Why not? it’s less common), a pocket, and standard placket. It’s sooo soft, carefully made, and with beautiful attention to detail, which might have something to do with the high quality buttons, premium imported fabrics, and more fanciness you can read about here

The only disappointment was that it took a full month to come, but it was so worth it for quality and fit this nice. Just make sure you order in advance if you have a fancy event to attend, and keep in mind that you may need to send it back for adjustments!


Oh hay that chick is SO flat chested.

Thanks Ratio Clothing! 


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